The Hase Weiss Story began ten years ago when my second daughter Elise was born. My parents wanted to give me a table and two chairs for the girls to my birthday. As an architect myself I have already designed furniture so I decided to do the same for my children.

I wanted it to be modern and beautiful and last a life time. That's how the furniture system came to existence - from the table, the stool.....to the bench. I wanted the furniture to grow with its owner, a timeless piece. The stool that is starage room and a steating place for a child, will transform into a side table or a night stand for a teenager or an adult.

After the furniture a designed the dolls and the doll house, later on the leathern satchel.

High quality products, good working conditions, fair trade are my maxims. I think it is possible to combine all these things in my work  and I am sure you can see, feel and live the difference.

The product range is growing continously - so keep up!