Dollhouse 5 Parts

Dollhouse 5 PartsDollhouse 5 Parts

Dollhouse 5 Parts

Dollhouses should encompass those features that children love about their own rooms – above all, they should be changeable. To manifest this idea, Hase Weiss Dollhouses incorporate a modular system comprised of single rooms that combine easily and interchangeably with one another. This enables young builders to convert and extend their houses depending on their mood and preferences. Whole cityscapes can be created this way. The simple design
leaves the use of the different rooms open to any number of
creative interpretations.

This Set contains:
2 Small Rooms, 1 Medium Room, 1 Parlour and 1 Staircase

You can choose the color of any room. Please use the coments at the end of the order, but don´t forget to give us a telefone number or email contact, if we have to ask for alternatives due to stock availability.

The Parlour measures:
Hight 43 cm
Width 33,5 cm
Depth 22 cm

The Medium Room measures:
Hight 21,5cm
Width 33,5 cm
Depth 22 cm

The Small Room measures:
Hight 21,5 cm
Width 17 cm
Depth 22 cm

Handmade in a small workshop for handicapped people in Poland.

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239,00 EUR

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